Musket Ridge Golf Club Goes Green

Reported by: Allyson Schmutter
Monday, March 28 2011
MYERSVILLE, MD - Composting is environmentally friendly and most commonly found in backyards.

Now, the Musket Ridge Golf Club in Myersville says they are the first golf club and banquet facility on the East Coast to start using this green way to handle trash.

They're doing it with the help of the Rock 'N Renew Foundation, a group that promotes activities toward a more eco-friendly future.

"They wanted to address some of the environmental impacts of their industry," said Jonny Dubowsky, founder of the Rock 'N Renew Foundation.

They are using a formula that will break-down food scraps and ultimately lead to zero waste.

"The idea of throwing something away that actually has added benefit when used in another way makes sense," said Dubowsky.

First, food scraps will be put in bins and then a special formula called Bokashi will be added.

Bokashi breaks down all types of foods and allows companies like Affinity Management to care for the Musket Ridge property in this green way.

"It's not a rotting process, it's a fermentation process," said Damon DeVito of Affinity Management."Once we heard about it we thought 'this is too good to be true.'"

The project will also involve students at Valley Elementary School, who will be creating their own composting garden.

"We're using what we're doing here for an example of how they can do it back at their school," said Dubowsky.

The golf club produces about four thousand pounds of food waste per year, all of which will be eliminated through this new program.