MR Launches Zero Food Waste Initiative

New sustainability program lessens club’s environmental impact

March 14, 2011
By Joanna DeChellis

Musket Ridge Golf Club in Myersville, Md., is launching a zero waste food initiative for its golf course, restaurant and Catoctin Hall wedding and banquet facility.

Zero Food Waste Initiative Launch - March 2011

The club is transforming its entire restaurant, wedding and banquet operation to zero food waste through an onsite bokashi composting program. Bokashi, originated from Asian cultures, uses fermentation to break down all food scraps including meat, dairy and oils, in less than half the time of conventional composting while avoiding unpleasant odors and deterring pests. The end product is a natural liquid fertilizer that greatly increases the population of beneficial microbes that add valuable nutrients to the compost and helps improve the health of soil and plants. The Club will utilize the bokashi, compost, and compost tea on their new organic vegetable and herb garden that is being developed by their Executive Chef and will be featured as part of their menu options.

Musket Ridge is also planning an educational program with local public schools that shows students the importance of sustainability, with tours of Musket Ridge’s zero waste initiative and also through hands-on school-garden and composting projects. The club currently recycles all plastic, aluminum, glass and cardboard and has contracted with a biofuel company to utilize its kitchen grease to be reproduced into fuel.