Zero Food Waste at Catoctin Hall

Courtesy Renee Michele PhotographyCatoctin Hall at Musket Ridge is proud to be the only Zero Food Waste event venue on the East Coast.  All food scraps are composted on-site into fertilizer using a Japanese process called Bokashi, which adds valuable nutrients to the compost and helps improve the health of soil and plants.  Completing the cycle, we spread the fertilizer on our organic vegetable and herb garden; the Executive Chef then uses these natural ingredients in featured menu options. 

It is estimated that our zero food waste initiative keeps up to 4,000 pounds of food waste out of landfills annually.  You can feel comfortable hosting your reception at Catoctin Hall knowing you are lessening the environmental impact of your wedding.

There are several other practices that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability:

  • Rainwater collected by on-site rain barrels irrigates the organic garden
  • Kitchen grease is turned into biofuel
  • A partnership with the Valley Elementary School "Green Team" enables and encourages these students to lessen their environmental impact and grow a garden at the school
  • Cleaning agents are free of chemicals that harm the environment
  • All cardboard, aluminum, glass and plastic is recycled
To find out more about Musket Ridge's Zero Food Waste Initiative, please see the articles on the News page

View the photo album of the Zero Food Waste Initiative launch and our organic garden.