Outing FAQs

On what days does Musket Ridge host outings?
Outings are available every day.

What time do outings typically tee off?
Typically a morning shotgun tees off at 9:00 am, and an afternoon tee off is at
1:30 pm. 

How much does it cost per player and what is included?
Rates vary by date and time of day.  Please contact Bonnie Swanson at (301) 293-9930 x 116 or b.swanson@musketridge.com for available dates, rates, and options.

What is the minimum number of players necessary to book an outing? How many players are needed to guarantee a shotgun start?
Player minimums vary by date and time of day; however, Musket Ridge welcomes small groups as well as large. Our event sales manager can advise you in more detail for any group of 20 or more golfers.

What is the process to reserve a golf outing date?
The important first step is to communicate with Event Sales Manager Bonnie Swanson at (301) 293-9930 x116 to discuss your event goals and to determine whether we have a suitable date for you. After that we will agree on services to be provided and finalize a price before sending a contractual agreement for your review and requesting a nominal deposit.

This is our first attempt at running a golf outing. Is there someone at Musket Ridge who can guide us through the process?
Our professional golf staff is available to guide you in the planning and execution of a successful outing.

What options are available for novice golfers? 
Our professionals can arrange clinics, putting contests, and other programs to accommodate infrequent golfers. We are always happy to customize a program specific to the needs of any group.

Who provides food for my event?
We have a professional culinary staff employed on-site to provide all your food and beverage related needs. We offer an outing menu with an array of choices.

What food and beverage services are available during our outing’s golf round?
There is bar and grill service at the turn (at Lock, Stock & Barrel) and you can also set up catering for the event.  We have two fully-stocked beverage carts and on-course beverage stations. 

Can Musket Ridge help publicize my event?
You have the option of being included on our website in the upcoming events section. This will link visitors to our website to your designated contact person for more information. There is no additional cost for this service, and we will only include your event with your permission.

Is it possible to reserve the golf course and other facilities for the entire day on an exclusive basis?
Yes, if the golf course has not been reserved by another group it is possible for your group to have exclusive use for the golf course for the day.

If we have a small group do we have to pay for the entire golf course?
Small groups are welcome at Musket Ridge and you need not pay for the entire golf course unless exclusive use is desired.  

What is the highest number of golfers I can have at one time?
A shotgun start means that all participants begin their golf round at the same time on different holes. If you opt for the maximum number of participants you can start 144 players at the same time. This participation boost needs to be balanced against the impact it can have in slowing play. Some groups choose to maximize participation, while others cap their number of players at 100 players. This decision is up to you based on your goals, and our professional staff is delighted to help you in making these decisions.

Can Musket Ridge help me identify prizes and giveaway items for participants?
We firmly believe that prizes and giveaway items help establish the tone for your event, and we see time and time again that participants appreciate an event that makes the extra effort to thank their participants. Our professional staff would be delighted to suggest items that would fit your needs. We have a fully stocked Pro Shop, and we can also order special items for you as well with enough advance notice. We can also help you offer items with the logo of your event and/or sponsors.

Can Musket Ridge accommodate my golf outing's auction or ceremony indoors?
Yes - in 2007 Musket Ridge added Catoctin Hall, which has been called "Maryland's Best New Event Venue" and can seat up to 200 people. We would be delighted to host any indoor portion of your event in this state-of-the-art banquet facility.

What audiovisual equipment does Musket Ridge provide?
Wireless microphone, speaker, projector, projection screen, DVD player, CD player, and wireless internet service.

Can I sign a multi-year contract?
You are welcome to negotiate a multi-year agreement to secure your outing’s future, but you are by no means required to do so.

What happens if I sign a contract, but then need to cancel or reschedule my event?
Under reasonable circumstances it is possible to cancel or reschedule your event. The details regarding what payments would be waived are listed in our golf outing contract agreement. Obviously we appreciate a high degree of communication in such situations and encourage as much notice as is possible.

What happens if it rains on the day of my outing?
If the Club determines that the golf course is "unplayable" on the event date as a result of inclement weather, the outing client will be responsible for 50% of all food charges (if unconsumed), based on the guaranteed number given 7 days prior to the outing. There will be no penalty on golf charges; provided, however, that the Club will schedule an alternative date for the event to be played. If the event starts/tees-off, but play is stopped due to unplayable conditions before the round has been completed, the Club will issue rain-checks to each player for the balance of holes not played.

If you have additional questions, please fill out the outing information request form or contact Bonnie Swanson at (301) 293-9930 x116 or b.swanson@musketridge.com.