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Employment Opportunities

Musket Ridge Golf Club is always in search of the highest quality people to fill key positions. Even when no positions are posted as available, applicants should submit the application below to be considered promptly when a vacancy occurs.

Please print and fill out the Musket Ridge Employment Application.


You may submit this application any of three ways:
- by email to
- by fax to (301) 293-9591
- by mail to Musket Ridge Golf Club, 3555 Brethren Church Rd, Myersville, MD 21773

All applications will be considered confidential. Musket Ridge and Affinity Management reserve the right to maintain applications on file unless applicant specifies otherwise. Musket Ridge and Affinity are an equal opportunity employers.

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Musket Ridge Golf Club
3555 Brethren Church Rd
Myersville, MD 21773

The course is open again! Paths only, and the range is closed for today.